Import Commodity

    Arrival/ Departure Notification

    Application for Permit to Import Commodity

      1. Animal products/by-products
      2. Live animals/ Hatching eggs
      1. Embryos/ Ova
      2. Fresh Semen
      3. Frozen Semen
    1. Type of Permit
      1. Single Entry
      2. Re- Entry
      3. Amendment
    2. ========== Importer Information ==========
    3. ========== Exporter Information ==========
    4. Checklists for cats and dogs entering the Turks & Caicos Islands
      1. My pet has been microchipped or tattooed
      2. Microchip can be read
      1. My pet has been vaccinated in accordance with the manufacturer’s data sheet
      2. My pet tested negative for or was vaccinated against Lyme disease
      3. The microchip number has been correctly entered by the vet on the vaccination record
      1. I am travelling from a Rabies endemic country
      2. I have a record from the vet of the date the blood sample was taken, the correct microchip number is clearly written on it
      3. The blood test is satisfactory (at least 0.5IU/ml)
      4. I have a certified laboratory copy of the blood test result
      1. My pet was treated against internal and external parasites within 14 days of the scheduled date of travel
      2. My pet is spayed/neutered
      3. My pet’s breed does not appear on the Prohibited Breeds List
      4. I have an International Health Certificate issued not more than 7 days before my arrival
      5. The application form is completed and attached or sent along with this check list

    Note: An electronic copy will be sent to your email.